This is just something that I whipped up for family meal on Friday. They’re Saigon crepes with coconut milk, rice and split pea flour. Served here with quick pickled carrots and shrimp. This is a manifestation of French influence on Vietnam. Reminds me of the Dosa Suzettes in Pondicherry. #pickle #summer #crepe #dosa #coconut #pondicherry #frenchfood #vietnamese #indianfood #proud2bcia

I wish this was my famo :( ….

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i thought this was a fancy piece of pizza at first. I now want pizza =] 

Super upset I can’t eat pineapple anymore… :(

i was actually about to go for a run today !! than I remembered i have a 9 mile bike ride anddd i think thats good enough =]

So I am going back to school to take some courses on entrepreneurism ish haha I know its not necessary but I don’t know how to run a business and this will teach me!

I know winter was horrible this year but this heat is unreal! And when you work in a kitchen its like 59 degrees hotter :( I don’t wanna workkklkk

I’m at a tweleve yet olds swimming birthday party hahah this is awesome

Yaya ! He took a good picture :D
Yaya ! He took a good picture :D